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Jakupa is an architecture and urban design practice that has the express intent to create a rich urban environment through creative engagement in our contemporary urban milieu

Our vision is rooted in humanistic values and in finding appropriate roles for architecture and urbanism. We are driven by a dynamic, academic and practical team with diverse skills that is used to drive our philosophy of research through design practice. We engage in work that ranges from addressing social and ecological issues to responsibly building in today’s market economy.

Jakupa was born through the energy of the revitalized political context within which we work. We believe that the act of city making is a political exercise and acknowledge the responsibility we share in making equitable, productive and sustainable space. The company philosophy unambiguously entrenches their ideals simultaneously through conscientious design and corporate policy. We are therefore proud to acknowledge our 100% Historically Disadvantaged Individual [previously disenfranchised] status and our ideals to sincere and radical transformation.

our people

Khalied Jacobs

Director / Principal Urban Designer

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Gabs Pather

Director / Principal Architect

Vimala Pather

Financial Manager

Tanya Moodaley


Maureen Peterson

Office Assistant

Rachael Leslie


Robert Gubb

Urban Designer / Professional Architect

Ilana Steenkamp

Urban Designer / Architect

Kalpana Mistry


Colin Daniels

Senior Architectural Technologist

Sahlah Davids

Urban Designer

Sadaka Jaffar

Architectural Technologist

Alfred Luzipho

Maintenance Officer

Adnaan Mohammed

Quality Assurance

Alastair Brauns

Senior Architect

Andrea Louw

BIM Modeler / Senior Architectural Technologist

Firdous Moerat


Claire Du Pont

Architectural Technologist

Reza Lawrence

Architectural Technologist

Nabilah Samaai

Architectural Technologist

Devisureya Athiemoolman

Compliance Auditor

Vocab Tyuthulana

Office Custodian

Lena Weir

Urban Designer / Architect

Preston Sullivan

Senior Architect

Saliegh Davis

Saliegh Davis


Bradley Brits

Senior Architectural Technologist

Nicholas Hudson


Wilna Rust

Senior Architect

Nathan Kabala

Senior Architectural Technologist

Lize-Mari Jacobs

Senior Architect

Andre Spies

Senior Architect

Samantha Aserman

Urban Designer



The Jakupa Job Shadow Programme is a first-hand, on the job learning experience into the Architectural and Urban Design professions. Participating students are actively involved in working with employees of various job descriptions.

The programme seeks to teach, guide and enlighten students through structured conceptual design, drawing and research tasks. Students learn the value of collaboration and get an idea of the necessary skills and competencies that would be required for the job.

The programme endeavours to maintain a strong sense of responsibility towards students in assisting them to make wellinformed decisions regarding their future career aspirations.


Each One Teach One consists of a series of public presentations organised and hosted by Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers. The topics for these presentations are organised strategically around industry related themes identified by the staff as being relevant to the work Jakupa produces and to the design industry at large.

Speakers are identified for their specialist knowledge and invited to present on a given topic and to participate in an open discussion. Jakupa is committed to the continued professional development of its staff and as such encourages members to engage in and contribute to pertinent developments within the built environment industry – The Each One Teach One series forms part of this and Jakupa’s broader research project.


Jakupa operates a range of support programs for architectural students including internships for both Technikon and University graduates. This includes the donation of stipends received for examining or lecturing work done by our partners and the contribution of an annual award to deserving students, both of which are managed through the University of Cape Town and Cape Peninsula University of Technology. The funds tend to be used to support particular short-term needs such as the supply of model making or drawing materials.

We also offer a bursary administered directly by Jakupa that contributes to tuition fees for deserving architectural students who are able to demonstrate excellence through their studies at either of the Cape Town based tertiary institutions. The award is made annually and is paid directly to the University. Eligible students need to supply a written motivation for support detailing the need and the commitment to successfully completing the course along with a transcript of studies completed.

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