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UCT – Chris Hani Theatre Redevelopment and Foodcourt

The Chris Hani Lecture Theatre (formerly the New Science Lecture Theatre) was seen as an underutilised learning space on Upper Campus. The steep raked theatre was not in keeping with contemporary learning requirements. With this in mind Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers (Pty) Ltd was approached to look at readapting  the space and building for…

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Luxurama Refurbishment

[in collaboration with Jacobs Parker] This project called for the refurbishment of an iconic theatre on the Cape Flats that has a long and illustrious reputation. The site was bought by a locally operating madrassa primarily catering for adult education. The proposal reimagines the theatre as a convivial hub for learning integrated into everyday life…

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Cape Town Society for the Blind

The new building is part of a long term re-development plan envisaged by the Cape Town Society for the Blind to expand existing skills training facilities for the visually impaired and promote a public image that is more accessible to visitors and facilities interaction between the crafters and public. Alterations, additions and selective demolition were…

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