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UWC Arts

The UWC Arts Project involved the introduction of a New Collaborative Research Facility, forming part of the Arts faculty and located within the university’s arts precinct.  The new Centre accommodates an Entrance Foyer, two 40-seater Classrooms, four Research Facilities, the Dean of Arts’ office, toilet and other support facilities. The role of this new Centre…

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The corner tower, a new addition, creates visual access from the road and train station. The new signage is clear and legible from the street –becoming a landmark for way-finding during the day and a beacon at night, lit up not only for marketing the brand but creating a subtle flood light to improve the…

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Public Transport Shared Services Centre [PTSSC]

The project is ordered through urban and environmental strategies: The building’s urban footprint relates to a pedestrian activity spine running from Vangate Mall through the site along a desire line to Langa. Environmentally, the building’s form and articulation is derived from a response to wind, sun and water. Internal spatial arrangements and environmentally friendly design…

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