AngloAmerican ‘Reinvention’ Architectural Competition

Jakupa Architects & Urban Designers, in collaboration with Tsai Design Studio, were awarded as the 3rd prize winner in the AngloAmerican ‘Reinvention’ Architectural Competition. The two stage competition, aimed at seeking an architectural solutions for the modernisation of the AngloAmerican’s Johannesburg Campus, attracted over 60 submissions from architectural practices all over South Africa.

The concept is to express AngloAmerican’s close connection to the landscape and their geological explorations, by translating these into 2 key elements to create more visible and interactive social environments throughout the campus:

Urban carpet deals with the horizontal ground plane, conceived as a social landscape, undulating and full of greenery. It stretches into each building and open public spaces to unifying the whole campus, and merges with the rest of the city’s urban fabric.

Crystal boxes deals with the internal vertical floors. Like the quartz and rich minerals trapped in rocks, shard of glass are found either on top of the buildings as light boxes(new extensions) or embedded in the buildings (conference rooms) as floating social hubs.

Designed to achieve five star Green Rating, the campus buildings will use green technologies such as tri-generationation system to reduce energy by 50%, mix-mode cooling and ventilation, waste recycling and rain water harvesting etc.

Project Cost – appr. R 1,5 Billion
Client – AngloAmerican
Team – Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers and Tsai Design Studio
Project type – Campus 
Status – 3rd prize winner